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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top Rating Stocks This Week

Redington is quoting at Rs.234.95, up 9.89%. Larsen is quoting at Rs.138.70, up 7.47%. Avaya Globalcon is quoting at Rs.360.20, up 5.35%. UTV Software is Quoting at 534.6 up about 5%. Eicher Motors at Rs351.75 is up 5%. Action Construction at 271.95 is up 5% too. Global vectra at Rs.251.20 is up by about 4.6%. HOEC at Rs.112 is up 5.26%. My top bet is HOEC with a medium term target of Rs.180 and it should reach Rs.125 very shortly. RPL which recently crossed Rs.100 sees a near term target of Rs.115.

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