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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


With the markets still under pressure there isn't much broker recomendations. Guj NRE Coke seems to have a target of Rs.100 in a 12 month period.
As you all know the DLF IPO issue which is open to subscription with a size of 175 million equity shares to raise about 9600 crore at the higher price band of Rs.550 has recieved 78% subscription on the first day. Since it is one of the largest IPO's investors are hoping to get more shares alloted this time around. It seems one of the reason for the lacklusture performance of the secondary market is due to many people selling and withdrawing money to invest in these major IPO's. It will be intresting to see which price band most of the shares are applied for, the higher band of Rs.550 or lower of Rs.500. Many experts don't expect much fanfare at it's listing, so probably it will get maximum applications at it's lower price band. Many investors are expecting a return of 5% on their investements on listing day. Only long term investors can look forward for better gains. In fact Vishal Retail is gaining more popularity and exitement among investors than DLF. Also ICICI bank whose issue is opening on June 19 is being watched closely by investors. Happy IPO Investing.

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Your blog is quite nice and informative.
As far as stock market is concerned. Trading in market requires
both time and Knowledge. Without these two factors its impossible to trade .
If you get recommendations from some specialist then also you must keep in mind its your money you
should invest it wisely. Its always advisable to get recommendations from analyst but again before investing you should do your research also.
Indian stock market is very high already now wait for dips before going long in Nifty or in some script.

We are bullish on Indian stock market to reach new highs.. Sensex is due to kiss 15000 mark in just one month. So count on us.
We hope it has given idea that you dont have to short your positions, Just hold them for a while to see real upmovement.
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